IC Skaujenta's Sondre

5. August 2009 - 17. Dezember 2015


CH Ewkala's Kappuccino

2. june 2003 - 17. april 2015


IC + IP H°jmarken's Tomte Tummetott

1. May 2005 - 7. December 2014 


So I had to say goodbye to Tomte too. Since 6 years he had an eosinophile granulome in his intestine. This year he was doing quite well, but the last weeks he suffered and died in my arms at home.


S*SillyZone's Sinopia

22. November 2013 - 04. October 2014



Unfortunately our time together was too short. We all laughed about Sinopias coolness on shows - today I know, she couldn't behave different. :(


EC + EP H°jmarken's Jeppe Thorbj°rn

20. February 2001 - 6. April 2014


He stole my heart right from the beginning and did everything to stay there. Especially very stupid things! So he fell some times down from the judges-table, because he didn't recognized, that the table was not sooooo big. ;)

Yes - Jeppe was a very special cat! 


H°jmarken's ┴nok

5. August 2011 - 3. January 2013

On 5th December, just one day before my trip to America (to bring 2 kittens over there) I thaught, that ┴nok looked a little bit strange to me, so I asked my parents to have a special look on him. The monday I came back home I was really shocked to see ┴nok again. His coat was dry, shaggy and I could feel, that he had a very high temperature. So I went to the vet in the evening. His temperature was at 41,1░C! My vet made an ultrasound because she could feel something strange in his stomach. He has a very big tumor at his lymph node, his kidneys were too big, his peritoneum was already white and the gallbladder was increased. The tumor was inoperable, because it's grown around the abdominal aorta. My vet told me, that ┴nok will definitely die because of the tumor in the next days.

He made it up to weeks and finally into the new year, but yesterday I had to let him go. So I'm glad that there are 10-little-┴nok-kittens on earth.


H°jmarken's Snorre

23. June 2009 - 17. March 2010

Snorre had a tumour on the outer part of his intestical. Unfortunately it was growing so fast, so I had to let him go.


(N) Skaujenta's Leik

11. March  - 26. October 2008




GIP Alex von Langfort (Karl) / SBI-n

05. May 1993 - 16. August 2007


Karl was my first purebreed cat in 1993 by a very spontaneous decision. (Don't visit a Tupperware-party at a breeder with 6 week old kittens.) ;) Karl lived the last 14 years as a member of the H°jmarken's-family, although it took him about 9 years to enter the a room with newborn kittens.

Karl never was ill, but 2 1/2 years ago he got problems with his pankreas, but he made it. About one year later he had more and more problems with his teeth, so since then he got cortisone every day. Around his 14th birthday his kindeys sent the first signals, but until the 15th august he jumped up the kitchen table for his treats and walked the stairs in my old house without any problem. But on August 16th, I recognized that he got really weak. In the evening I decided to let him go, but I held his paw until his very last breath. He was a very special fighter.


EP Minerva Felis Audax / NFO-n-23

29. Juni 1996 - 23. August 2006

2006 is really a sad year for me. Minerva is now the third cat, I had to say goodbye to this year.


Completely unexpected and silent the cancer took her life. On August 16th we recognized, that she didn't want to eat and didn't want to get in contact with my other cats. This was really a warning, because Minerva was the so called "Alpha-Cat" in mey House. With a x-ray we found tumors in her intestical and her lungs. Because of the tumors in the lungs the breathing got more and more painful, so on august 23rd, I let her go. I really miss her.


A lot of cat-people will remember her from all the shows in the last 10 years. With her results she really was a pride for the breed.


GIC Lachesis av Bj°rnsletta, DM (Tiffy)


25. July 1997 - 1. May 2006

at the age of nearly 8 years (15th may 2005)

I took this picture 2 days before her sudden death. Here Vaini and Sherlock Holmes suckled at the already neutered Tiffy. She thaught all kittens are her's, although she gave birth to 36 kittens in 5 litters.

mother of the H-litter, J-litter, M-litter, S-litter and U-litter

At a heartinvestigation on February 10th 2006, Mrs. Dr. Vollmer (Wissen) detected a heartdesease at Tiffy. One of the heart-claps didn't close, therefore Tiffy got neutered on February 14th, 2006.

On May 1st 2006 I was really shocked (and I still am so) to find Tiffy deas in the livingroom. I know, this way of dying is very calm and I wish that all my cats could go this way one time, but not so early. I thought we could have had a little bit more time.

My little crazy, sweet and naughty tortie "Tiff-Tuff" is not longer here.



IC H°jmarken's Why Not, DM

9. August 2002 - 13. February 2006


mother of the R-litter and V-Litter

She followed her mother too early and too suddenly because of a intestinal carcinoma.

Her babies (7 weeks old) miss her, we will never forget her.



Ronja vom Arlesbrunnen

02. August 2001- 22. August 2003



mother of the N-litter and Q-Litter

She died too early and too suddenly because of a intestinal carcinoma.

We will never forget her.