"Amber" - litter

dob.: 13. Mai 2011

IC Tingoskattens Mar

amber - white

NFO nt 09

IC Fialotta vom Arlesbrunnen

light amber -classic-tabby

NFO at 22


  name colour status
female Højmarken's Ómra light-amber-classic-tabby mit weiß bicolor / NFO at 03 22  lives in Gundelfingen
male Højmarken's Rav amber-classic-tabby mit weiß / NFO nt 09 22  lives together with Vaini in Essen
male Højmarken's Jantár light-amber-spotted-tabby / NFO at 24  lives in Saarbr├╝cken
female Højmarken's Meripikha amber-spotted-tabby mit weiß / NFO nt 09 24  will move to England in january
male Højmarken's Qelibar light-amber-spotted-tabby / NFO at 24  lives together with Nahele in Untersiemau in the cattery "av Elgspor"


All names means amber, but in different languages: Irish, Danish, Slovak, Finnish and Albanian.

on hold


We haven't decided about this kitten yet, we are waiting for his development.



Serious interest has been shown, but nothing has been decided yet.



The kitten has found a new home.

2 days 2 weeks  3 1/2 weeks 

5 weeks

6 1/2 weeks 7 1/2 weeks
9 weeks 3 months  

4 months

Højmarken's Jantár

NFO at 24


Højmarken's Meripikha

NFO nt 09 24

Højmarken's Qelibar

NFO at 24