IC Kaup home cat's Nala

dob: 10. february 2010




IC Fialotta vom Arlesbrunnen

dob: 27. june 2004




GIC (N)Bytangen's Bitten

dob: 14h february 2007



After she got neutered, Bitten unfortunately lost her status in the group. She felt more and more like a victim and two of my cats liked to chase her. Now she lives together with Jamaica Run and Sherlock Holmes at friends here in Solingen and is everybody's darling. I'm so happy for her.




IC Højmarken's Agatha Christie

dob: 16h february 2006



Everybody who saw Aggi live in my house knows, how often she tried to get out to enjoy her life inside and outside the house. Unfortunately I don't have the possibilites to give her a life like she wants to have. In addition to that she reached a weight of 8,2 kgs. In January 2012 she got the chance to move to friends in Solingen where she now has her paradise.... :)


IC Højmarken's Vaini Joulua

dob: 26th december 2005


NFO g 23



After she got neutered in 2010 Vaini increased much weight, so she had more and more poblems with breathing. I was absolutely no alternative for me to feed and to let her live seperately from all my other cats, ecpecially because she was the boss. She now lives in Essen and is the new boss of "Rav". 

IC Janis Joplin av Bjørnsletta

dob: 4. february 2006


NFO n 22



Janis now lives in Solingen with Bettina, Holger and their two Maine Coon neuters.


GIC Brianna Auguste av Haithabu

dob: 01. November 2001


NFO n 09



Guste now lives at M. Schubert in Solingen. Guste's new names are "Baby" or "Püppi". She lives as a single cat and get all attention she wants as "her royal majesty" :) . Cat food will now be served on a spoon, .....


GIC Tigressan's Peo

dob: 02. July 1998


(blue-mackerel-tabby with white)

now lives together with Højmarken's Muffin, Dr. Doolittle, and Sherlock Holmes at friends in Solingen.


GIC + PR Højmarken's Dalarna

dob: 13. September 1997

at the age of 7 1/2 years




IC Afjord's Flamme (Smukke)


(black-classic-torbie with white)

Now lives together with Højmarkens Picasso, Højmarken's Januk, her grandchildren and other familymembers in Nauort.


GIP/GIC Red Diabolo Norsk of Namsos (Samson)

dob: 15. August 1994



now lives in Remscheid