S*Kaup Home Cat's Nala


A little bit about us here in Germany

Højmarken's is the name of my Norwegian Forest Cat hobby cattery in Solingen near Düsseldorf. At the moment there are 10 cats living with me (Katja Schmatz), 2 Forest Cat males, 3 Forest Cat females and 5 Forest Cat neuters. The cats just tolerate me, and they are allowed to go in every room and of course they sleep in the bed. This gets a bit cramped, when there are kittens 2 - 3 times a year.

As a member of the 1. DEKZV e.V., Højmarken's is registered with FIFé since 1993. I am a member of the Forestcat Club in the 1. DEKZV e.V. and Skogkattlingan in Sweden.