dob.: 13.09.1997

Father: H°jmarken's Balduin (NFO-n-09-23)
Mother: EP Minerva Felis Audax (NFO-n-23)
male H°jmarken's Nero Junior NFO-n-09 lived in Solingen
male H°jmarken's Dr. Doolittle NFO-n-23 lives in Solingen together with Hj°rdis, Julchen and Muffin
female H°jmarken's Dalarna NFO-n-23 lives in Solingen
female H°jmarken's Djingalla NFO-n-09-23 lives in Hilden

H°jmarken's Dr. Doolittle (NFO-n-23)

now lives in Solingen (D) together with Hj÷rdis and Julchen

H°jmarken's Nero Junior (NFO-n-09)

GIC H°jmarken's Dalarna (NFO-n-23)

stayed in the cattery

mother of the F-litter and G-litter

*CH H°jmarken's Djingalla (NFO-n-09-23)

now lives in Hilden (D)