Distinguished Merit (DM)


GIC Lachesis av Bjørnsletta, DM (Tiffy)

(black-classic-torbie with white)

25. July 1997 - 1. May 2006

I am very proud, that my little, "old" girl Tiffy has reached this special award 20th of november 2005.


With 36 kittens out of 5 litters the statistical possibility was very high, but most of her kittens moved as pets to their new owners and were never shown.


Her successfull kittens:

EC Højmarken's Houdini

Thank you very much Irma!

IP Højmarken's Hercules

Thank you very much Angelika and Jochen!

GIP + EC Højmarken's Jeppe Thorbjørn
IP Højmarken's Sunniva

Thank you very much Claudia and Markus!

IC Højmarken's Skjalm, JW

Thank you very much Cris!